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HeadtoHelp understands the unique pressures tradies face. If you’re feeling stressed by life or work, give us a ring to find local support.

You don’t have to carry the stress alone. Now is the time to reach out, even if you’ve never felt like this or asked for help before.

The sooner you talk about what’s worrying you, the sooner you’ll get the help and support you need, and the sooner you’ll lift that weight off your shoulders.

It’s easy. A trained professional will take your call, give you advice, and if you need it, connect you to the best support or service for you. It might be an existing health and wellbeing service or one of the 20 plus HeadtoHelp hubs across Victoria.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are not feeling like your normal self or feel like something isn’t right,
maybe your mental health or wellbeing is not as good as it could be.
It’s a lot more common than you think.

Ignoring the signs can make it worse. And the longer you carry it around,
the harder it gets.

Signs that your mental health and wellbeing are not at its best can include:

  • feelings of fear, worry, panic or unease. Some people have physical symptoms
    like sweating, racing heart and difficulty breathing at a normal pace.
    feeling sad, lacking energy and motivation
  • lack of enjoyment in the things you usually enjoy
  • feelings of hopelessness, negative about the future, wanting to give up
  • being very frustrated, irritable or angry, you might be snapping at people
  • not wanting to be around other people, and pulling away from activities and groups
  • feeling lonely
  • sleeping a lot more or a lot less
  • eating a lot more or a lot less
  • using too much alcohol or drugs to get you through.

I know a tradie who might need some help but I’m not sure how?

Family and friends can often see the signs or symptoms, even before the person themself realises something is wrong. It can be hard to know what to do. But families and friends can access help for someone else through HeadtoHelp – for more info, see the How we can help page.

Tradies have pressures and stresses on the job, often work on their own, and then have to manage the business when they get home. Like everyone, work, financial and relationships issues can build up and weigh you down. It all takes a toll.

People working in the construction industry often experience job insecurity, less work flexibility, long hours and tough physical working conditions. Bullying and stigma also contribute to poor mental health in this industry. A recent report by Mates in Construction and supported by Beyond Blue – shows that the risk of suicide for construction workers is 53 percent higher than the risk for other employed men in Australia. *Statistics for construction often focus on men, as they are less likely to seek help for mental health issues, but we recognise that women in construction also need support.

The good news is that seeking help works. We know that the more connected a person is to family, friends and workmates the more they are able to manage their health and wellbeing and get life back on track. It is also important for these support people to know where to access services to help a loved one, friend or colleague. A 2015 report by the Hunter Medical Research Institute found that the Mates in Construction QLD program achieved a 10 per cent reduction in the risk of suicide, over 4 years, by training workers to recognise when a mate isn’t coping and enabling them to seek professional support i.e. social workers and psychologists.

HeadtoHelp provides trained professionals to help you find the support you need and can connect you to the right information, person or organisation to help.

In Victoria, many organisations such as Hope and Assistance for Local Tradies (HALT), and Incolink, HIA, and some unions, provide all kinds of information, programs and support for tradies’ mental health and wellbeing. These supports focus on reducing the stigma about mental health and encourage their workforce to get training to help each other, as well as and know where to reach out for information and services they need.

But if you work for yourself or have a small team, this information may not be easy to find, or there when you need it. The Victorian Government has set up the Partners in Wellbeing helpline to support small business owners and employees to access wellbeing coaches, financial counsellors and business advisors.

For more mental health services including support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, multicultural people and LGBTIQ+ people, visit

HeadtoHelp provides trained professionals to help you find the support you need and can connect you to the right information, person or organisation to help.

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